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24 Hours Before our 100 Holes!

We are getting ready for our BIG day at the golf course and are SO excited! If you still haven’t had a good look at our website www.eyes4zimbabwe.org, please.  We appreciate all of your support, your help and cheerleading! THANK YOU for helping us give sight and save lives!  The pictures below are at the golf course we are playing. It was taken at 11.25 pm last night. It is actually lighter outside than it looks! The sun will be rising by 3am, so when we start at 4am, it should be bright light! The sun will again set by 11pm, so we have plenty of time to play!

At the golf range the night before 100 holes

At the golf range the night before 100 holes Come join us and cheer us on! Or help us by donating onour website! Kindest greetings from Cecilie, Reeve and Lolly.

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  1. Corniflower

    Well Ladies I hope you have been successful. I am not sure how many holes you have left but I am still cheering!!! Just keep swinging just keep swinging.

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