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From Beginning to End

From Utah, USA to Harare, Zimbabwe
June, 2012

This is how it all starts: We first send out e-mails to everyone we know with our wish list the wish list includes all the items we feel are necessary for cataract surgery: Atmit (a miracle porridge), food, blankets, orphanage modules, newborn kits, hygiene kits, school books and supplies, Bibles, clothing, toys, prescription glasses, sun glasses, seeds, etc. (see wish list here by pushing link?) Many willing souls start gathering items that are on our wish list by contacting their friends, organizations and people they know who have connections in certain areas. People have contacts in the medical field, some have a father who is a Doctor, others have connections at Wal-Mart or at the toy shop. The word goes out and so MANY are eager to collect items that will go to the needy in Zimbabwe. We ask for donations from several companies and have been SO BLESSED to receive so many great and life-saving items.

Stuff comes from all over the place: A group of people came with a horse trailer full of clothing and children’s items and another family came with a truck full of ‘goodies’. They offloaded it at the warehouse that had been donated for our use. It’s amazing!

Sorting time: We then sort the items as much as we can into different categories to save us the trouble when it gets to Zimbabwe, and pack them tightly into boxes, bails and tubs. We have GREAT helpers that make the project much easier and MUCH more fun!

It’s like playing Tetris: It is then put on pallets to get transferred over to the containers that we will hand pack. Pallets take up too much space so we physically hand-pack every container! A good work out for those involved! When the containers arrive they are dropped off at the warehouse and we have time to pack it whichever way we want! Then starts the picky work…. we play ‘Tetris’ which is like putting a puzzle together, everything has to fit, without holes and empty spaces in between. A good challenge! When the big trucks pull the containers away from the dock we have to make sure nothing falls out. It would be a waste of GOOD work! We then make sure we fill EVERY hole or available space before closing the container and send it off to be fumigated and sealed for sea travel. They are always sealed so no one can get into the containers and so it can travel through South Africa without having to be checked.

Shipment time: Then it gets sent to Galveston, Texas for loading and shipping to Durban, South Africa. In Durban, the containers are being put onto big trucks and then travel in bond (without being opened) to the Zimbabwean border. When all the paper work is done, it will continue its journey to Harare, Zimbabwe where the seal will be broken and the inspection is being taken place. Eyes for Zimbabwe is an official NGO (non-government-organization) which can bring products duty-free into the country and when papers and everything is in order, we celebrate with gratitude the amazing items we have received.

Many are dependent on our shipment: We support many different organizations, hospitals and orphanages. Howard Hospital is an small hospital headed by an AMZING Doctor, Dr Paul Thistle, which is situated about 1 hour outside Harare. They very excitedly brought a truck for us to fill with medical supplies, baby formula, ATMIT, clothing, New Born Kits, Hygiene Kits and blankets.

Why it is all worth it: These products will bring smiles to faces, they will bring life to dying souls and it will give hope to thousands. THANK YOU for helping to make this happen!

From beginning to end

How things are donated, packed, shipped and arrive in Zimbabwe

[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image001.jpg]10.2k0
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image002.jpg]10.1k0
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image007.jpg]99420
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image008.jpg]98480
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image015.jpg]98280
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image016.jpg]97650
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image017.jpg]97030
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image019.jpg]96910
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image020.jpg]96340
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image021.jpg]95870
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image022.jpg]95400
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image023.jpg]95030
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image024.jpg]95160
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image025.jpg]94770
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image026.jpg]94230
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_image027.jpg]94140
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_img_0591.jpg]93810
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_img_0592.jpg]94040
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_img_0593.jpg]93390
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_p1020377.jpg]93060
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_p1020380.jpg]92740
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_p1020383.jpg]92410
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_p1020384.jpg]92120
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_p1020387.jpg]92040
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_p1020391.jpg]91620
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_p1020395.jpg]91780
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_p1020407.jpg]91520
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_p1030433.jpg]91380
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_pb150033.jpg]91390OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_pb150039.jpg]91120OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_pb270007.jpg]91360OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_pb280023.jpg]91120OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/wp-content/flagallery/from-beginning-to-end/thumbs/thumbs_wwl-ship.jpg]91040