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Exciting start for Eyes for Zimbabwe in 2013!

We knew 2013 would be a FANTASTIC year for Eyes for Zimbabwe! The response of donated items for the loading of the containers in October of 2012 was amazing and we felt overwhelmed by so many people’s kindness and generosity.  Never had we seen so much! Never had we felt such love and kindness towards a people many had never met! Never had we felt so excited to see the items that would Bless the lives of thousands in Zimbabwe!

We would like to THANK our Golf Sponsor ‘Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ (The world’s larges vehicle shipping company) who gave us the encouragement to take on a project of such a grand size…we and the People of Zimbabwe will be forever GRATEFUL for their kindness and generosity. They  have for many years cheered us on, assisted and donated 40foot containers to ‘Eyes for Zimbabwe’. Without them we would NOT be able to do this. They purchase the containers, donate them to ‘Eyes for Zimbabwe’ and ship them from where ever in the world we would like and to Zimbabwe free of charge, and we will never be able to repay them for their amazing generosity and kindness.

Land Air Express and The Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City so kindly lent us their warehouses and we really appreciated the space we could use. we filled it well AND quickly! All the clothing we received was bailed in the Humanitarian Center and then packed into the containers before it was moved over to the other warehouse to be filed with boxes of other donated items.

There have been hosts of People along our way who have and continue to assist us in making these MANY Miracles possible….THANK-YOU!! The helpers have come from everywhere! We have had workers from age 1 to age 100 and we LOVED everyone’s sacrifice and help! We had people coming from near and far to help sort and pack the donated items and we had strong bodies that helped us play ‘tetris’ and fit everything into the containers that had been donated!

We started initially with two 40foot containers that were to be filled, however we soon realized our donated goods would NEVER fit in them. So with many helpers and lots of prayers we managed to locate, purchase and pack 5 40foot containers in the beginning of October and we realized how life changing these donated items would be when they arrived in Zimbabwe in 2013.

The transportation of these containers were slightly delayed, however we were excited to hear that they would arrive in Zimbabwe in late February. We would have Christmas in March – NO PROBLEM! They were filled with donated books of all sorts, schools books, reading books, church books (donated by Deseret Books’s charity – Chapters of Hope), school kits, new born kits, hygiene kits, toys, candy, medical equipment, food, clothing etc etc. We had youth groups come in with many donated items that they had gathered during Eagle Scout Projects and other activities. We had young children donate their toys to children who had none and older people who wanted to share what they had! We all felt SO Blessed and humbled by the sight of what came to the warehouse as we knew how they would change someone’s life. It REALLY would be Christmas in March as many prayers would be answered and  many lives would be saved!

This truly is a sacred work. ‘Charity never faileth!’


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