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Very Happy Greetings from Sunny Zimbabwe

Dear All,

In amongst our ‘busyness’, we have been trying desperately to get our ‘Utah-packed’ containers here prior to Christmas…After MANY struggles along their way, they will be arriving at 4pm +/- today, Christmas Eve…The Lord ALWAYS comes thru!!  MUCH, MUCH THANKS for ALL that you have done to make these containers possible…Zimbabwe is GRATEFUL!  Last night was our annual ‘Christmas Highlight’, our Family, a few Friends and four Missionary Couples met at my Parents Home, we loaded up our trucks and trailers with food, clothing, books, hygiene kits, soap for 200+/- Families and drove out to the city dump where these dear Parents actually live, scrounging for food daily and waste to feed their Families…a more humbling experience we may NEVER have!  What a blessing to our hearts as we watched Family, Friends and Missionary Couples helping to lift and encourage these sweet, exceptionally grateful Souls…even Samuel who is 3 (Rachel’s youngest Son) participated.  I am GRATEFUL for Parents who have led the way throughout our lives, serving, lifting, helping and sacrificing…We have each been given ‘built-in consciences’ because of their example!

May your Christmas be filled with Family, love, laughter, the Spirit and MUCH happiness! May 2012 be ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!

Hugs, Love & Smiles,
Reeve, Lolly & CC

Foto Album

Yesterday’s visit to the city ‘rubbish(trash) dump’ where we were able to feed and clothe those who live there. It is a life-changing experience annually for our Family, Friends and very sweet Missionary Couples who join us!

Christmas Greetings 2011

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