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Home Uncategorized Eyes for Zimbabwe visits Maternity Wards in Zimbabwean hospitals

Eyes for Zimbabwe visits Maternity Wards in Zimbabwean hospitals

Many mothers in Zimbabwe bring their new-born babies home in newspaper as they cannot afford the clothing for their babies. ‘Eyes for Zimbabwe’ has been donated hundreds of ‘new born kits’ – a zip lock bag which includes an outfit for the new born child, cloth diapers, soap and a blanket/towel. This is a precious gift for many expectant or new mothers. A brand new outfit, cloth diapers and soap for the little one is sometimes very difficult to purchase as there is barely any money for food. We have come to realize the joy when soon-to-be or new mothers receive this amazing gift.

We LOVED handing new born kits to new mothers who were SO excited to receive NEW clothing, NEW diapers and a NEW blanket for their baby. We also gave the mothers a hygiene kit (a zip lock bag with soap, a towel, toothbrush and toothpaste) which will allow them to stay clean and sterile while taking care of their new born baby as well. Not a thing oen can take for granted as many cannot afford that ‘luxury’!

We have visited several maternity wards in many different hospital and the concern is always the same – How do we cloth and feed our new born child? We are able to help them by giving them a new-born kit, however the other concern is how they will feel the baby. If the expectant mother is HIV positive, the child has to be born by Caesarean Section. That way the child has a possibility to live WITHOUT the deadly HIV virus. The mother should then NOT breastfeed the baby and have to give the baby ‘Baby Formula’. ‘Eyes for Zimbabwe’ has been given some ‘Baby Formula’ over the years, which has given many mothers the opportunity to feed their new-born child, however we are still in GREAT need of it. Baby Formula is extremely expensive in Zimbabwe, so many mothers cannot afford the much needed Formula to keep the baby free of the HIV virus.

Harare Hospital Maternity Clinic and Karunda Hospital Maternity ward

Harare Hospital Maternity Clinic and Karunda hospital Maternity Ward were overflowing of mothers who were about to give birth or that had just given birth. We were able to distribute newborn kits and hygiene kits to those needed mothers who had nothing for their children. Many mothers carry their children out from the hospital in newspaper. We were able to help so many by giving them a newborn kit that include clothing, soap, a blanket, and cloth diapers for the babies and a hygiene kit that include soap, a towel, toothbrushes and toothpaste for the mother so she can stay clean and sterile while breast feeding.


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