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In Preparation for Young Women’s Camp

By Sister Rachel Nield Geranios & Sister Hilary Mazura
Harare Stake Young Women’s presidency

HAPPY Sunday Greetings from SUNNY Zimbabwe!…With tear-filled eyes, Rachel and Hilary shared the below with us today, we thought you would enjoy feeling of the Young Women’s humility in the Acturus Branch…HAPPY SABBATH!!…

Rachel Nield Geranios & Hilary MazuraToday we visited our Young Women in the newly formed Arcturus Branch, based in a very small rural community it is definitely one of the most financially challenged branches in our stake.  They meet in a very humble setting – a dilapidated primary school.  We sat outside under a large tree and were instructed by one of the Laurels who had diligently prepared the lesson on ‘Attending the Temple’.  Despite being outside they made every effort to make the ‘Classroom’ conducive to learning – the small old school table was covered by a beautiful white lace cloth with a small homemade pottery vase contained some flowers.  With no chalkboard available they had handwritten all the questions for each person and handed them out as appropriate.  Several of the girls were wearing the T-shirts and ‘Downeast Outfitter’ Skirts we had given them at our last camp – this was their Sunday best!  One young woman stood to share her favourite scripture which moved us to tears as it emphasized the humble surroundings in which we found ourselves it was Mathew 6:11

‘Give us this day our daily bread’.

Immediately after, another young woman stood up to share the scriptural thought which came from Psalms 118:1 ‘O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good because His mercy endureth forever’.  How special to be taught about gratitude by these young women!  The lesson was on being prepared to attend the temple – one of the leaders shared how her and her husband were longing to attend the temple however they were very poor and there seemed no way that they could afford the trip, they sacrificed and saved up the $50 to get her passport and they prayed in faith for opportunities to save the bus-fare to travel to the temple, she continued by saying that a miracle occurred when someone called her husband and said he would like to pay their fare to attend the temple.  She went on to say that going to the temple has changed her life.  She concluded by saying that it is her desire to work and raise money as the Arcturus Young Women to take them to see the temple and do baptisms for the dead, that they might feel of the spirit there and gain a testimony of the importance of being married for time and all eternity in the temple.

As an assignment to our young women, we asked them as per the Handbook to help raise money for one of their annual camps – We gave them this assignment at the beginning of January and encouraged them to strive for the goal of $25 each – we made sure to let them know that is was not compulsory but that as long as they tried their best it would be enough.  Imagine our surprise when this branch reported that 10 girls would be attending and that they had raised $250!!

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