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The Road Less Travelled

Dearest ALL,

My younger Sister Rachel is out in the Zimbabwean ‘bush’ and has been for the past 2 weeks helping and assessing where we could be of GREATEST help with Atmit, newborn kits and supplies which we have received in our containers…THANK-YOU for making ALL of this possible, we will be FOREVER GRATEFUL!!

From Rachel….

Just coming out of deep bush but we have many incredible stories. The lady in the back of a motor bike had a baby who had been seriously burnt. Almost 25% of its body was burnt and the clinic had no medical supplies so we had to make a plan.

That’s just one of the story but once we are in phone range we will share more.

The man in the wheelbarrow…These are really sad pictures but hopefully the Atmit will help save his life.

What an amazing few days I have had…also restocked on some medical supplies so I can treat/medicate where we are going…..wish I was a Dr.!

Today was HARD….I have come into an area where there is desperation and it is only going to get worse as we get deeper in….I feel SO helpless and frustrated!!! We need to get to these places with more….my pathetic amount in this truck won’t even touch sides….I am very teary!!

Two of the 14 pregnant moms we just gave new born kits to!

VERY busy day…currently at the hospital in Siyakobvu!! My goal tonight is Binga…

We had the most incredible experience yesterday…we couldn’t understand the simple car problem…but as we drove last night…everything became clear!

In the middle of nothing, whilst watching the very bad road very carefully I spot 3 very dusty, very tattered little kids. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing actually… they are Tonga….as I stopped the car they ran, but we jumped out and called out….not to be scared…then I spoke… and stood in front of the car with the lights shining as I did! I think they were very surprised to see me and hear Shona ….then one little one came towards me….as he came into the light the state of him took my breath away…

I began to beckon to the darkness behind him, declaring I was just here to help, don’t be afraid…. then they started to come towards the light…looking at them I immediately asked Lovemore and Sam to find EVERYTHING we had left. As we began to pull boxes and set them in front of the car more and more children came running…filthy, ashen, malnourished, sick and all dressed literally in rags….not a single shoe in sight…

I have done this in many places for many years …I have never had a roadside distribution affect me this way…they were so gentle all eager for my attention…all telling me they were without parents and guardians…if felt surreal to find them all there so late at night….nowhere…

They made a beautiful line…they were quiet and gentle, if I dropped something they didn’t grapple or fight over it, they simply picked it up and handed it back to me, ALL of them dipped, clapped and said thank you every time we walked down the line to hand something else, it was sacred and reverent, quiet and respectful…honestly as I distributed in that forgotten place in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere I felt closer to the temple than I have ever felt in another place!

We had nothing in the back…just scraps really from a long trip but as always you pray and start to give, and the miracle is given….not only do u have enough but u have a few extra…

Then we finally said a prayer and sent them off with the promise to return with clothes soon… but again the car wouldn’t start…so I turned my head and there standing in the dark at the side were 4 more people…silent, we jumped out again wondering what we had left …but as soon as we had given our things and we got back in the car it started perfectly… as we drive away we remark what a pity it is that it is so late as we would have loved to see the clinic for these parts because they must be in desperate need.

Then we see a man walking so we stop to give him a lift…..Turns out he is the nurse for the clinic. He takes us to the nurse in charge and we have a special midnight meeting by solar light!!

It is not me…it never is…it is the countless people who make these containers possible …and of course the 3 ladies who always foot the bill…my dad for his truck….Sam deserves his very own mention and now Lovemore… I think this trip has changed all of us profoundly, and I am so grateful we listened when the Lord sent us….a day later for several people may have meant death….like the baby with burns…what if??? Really, right place, right time thank u to u all for making these miracles happen…all of us play a part in making it possible!

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