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A Very Sweet Miracle in Zimbabwe…

Zimbabwean girl with her teddy bear

On Thursday morning my Mother went to ‘West End Hospital’ to have a medical procedure. While we were waiting for her to go into surgery, we shared pass-along cards with a number of the hospital Staff. A few of them shared how they had seen the young Missionaries in their areas and also identified our beautifully built Chapels.

The Nurse who was assisting my Mother shared how she had met the Missionaries while they were visiting with her Friends and that their young nine year old Son had started attending Church and how her Friend was now also attending!

As the Nurse and I continued to talk, the young volunteer ‘Nurse Aid’, called Precious (who had been EXCEPTIONALLY kind to my Mother) listened in as we discussed Temples (the Salt Lake Temple was on the pass-along card), Families, The Book of Mormon and its origin etc. …I promised to bring them both copies of The Book of Mormon and other Church books.

While my Mother was in surgery I went to collect Books of Mormon and other Church books. When I returned to the hospital it was ‘visiting hours’ so a large crowd were gathered at the entrance waiting to enter. As we unpacked the boxes of books from the truck onto hospital trolleys a number of observers looked on longingly, so I asked if they would like a book…within seconds a large crowd had gathered to receive books and reading glasses (for the elderly along with their books).

As we entered the hospital with our depleted supplies, I wondered if we might have enough for the 100+ hospital Staff…however as my Sister, Rachel always says, “Never count otherwise you do not leave enough room for a Miracle!”

A number of the Nurses and hospital Staff needed reading glasses along with their books, in addition some asked for reading glasses for their Parents and/or Grandparents. As we were finishing distributing the books and reading glasses I asked Precious (my Mothers VERY KIND volunteer ‘Nurse Aid’) if her Parents and Grandparents might need some reading glasses also? She shared that she did not have Parents and that she was raised at ‘Makumbi’s Children’s Home’ near Domboshowa which is a Catholic Orphanage.

Yesterday we were EXCITED & HUMBLED to go with Precious to surprise the Children and Staff at ‘Makumbi’s Children’s Home’…

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